Wakey! Wakey!Stylistic schizophrenia - which is to say, there is something there for everyone: a manic mix of banjo-laced saloon anthems, hip hop beats, rip-roaring electric guitar riffs, and tender acoustic soul-searching - traversing fresh genre terrain seemingly with every passing track. SPIN MAGAZINE.


JllJJL is the new project from Philadelphia based singer/guitarist Jay Laughlin, best know for his work with his past bands Lenola and Like A Fox. JJL is a three piece band featuring Jay on vocals/guitar backed with the ex-Like A Fox rhythm section of Pete Girgenti on drums and Brian Wilkinson on bass. This is just another step forward in the long journey Jay has taken in his past bands where a foundation of rock-solid songwriting is married to Technicolor production resulting in satisfaction for the soul and brilliant sonic candy for the ears. The vocals float and soar while effected keyboards & buzzsaw guitars guide the songs along a happily disorienting ride, all above a massive sounding rhythm section. JJL is an adherence to song tradition while also sounding like it's being beamed back to you from the future, covered in beautiful static and gloss.


Sweatheartsfile under Approachable Stadium Pop, Man Jams (with Women) or Community College Rock. No wait, 80's Screwball Comedy Soundtrack Rock...from Philadelphia. From the humble times of 2004, a guitar, three drug rugs and three best friends crashed an art opening and suddenly knew they were quite good at it. Later came a drum machine, then a full band of minors, Amanda Blank, a few costume changes, and a smoking live set. After spending the last five years cultivating their sound and sharing the stage with bands like Devo, Ween, Santigold and Bad Brains, Sweatheart has produced their new record, "Tell Your Sister". Sweatheart's follow up to 2005's debut "So Cherri", offers a new version of the band, with a thicker and richer sound, laced with honesty and tenderness. "If Sparks, The Bangles, & Blue Oyster Cult made a smoothie, it might smell a little like Sweatheart." - Naeem Juwan (Spank Rock)


GunfightThe four members of GunFight! grew up in the suburbs of New York City, and the wild teenage nights they spent in the fields and parking lots of their home towns have led to a rowdy take on Americana. The members of this Brooklyn-based band have dubbed their music "post-country." Like the Clash or the Ramones playing Johnny Cash covers, the band’s music combines a mix of roots-country, punk and post-punk.

The band has built a following in the live settings of loft parties, basements and venues since forming in 2007. They released the Hide Your Empties EP (on BNS Sessions) in early 2009 and recently released the full-length, Frontier Land. GunFight! has played on bills with Those Darlins, Langhorne Slim, Beach Fossils, Local Natives, Suckers, Motel Motel, Freelance Whales, Wild Yaks, The Beets, Darlings, Cale Parks and more. The band has also been written about by SPIN, FILTER, New York Magazine, CMJ, Tiny Mix Tapes, Impose, TimeOut NY, and the L Magazine.


BelgradeWith liquid-like intros and outros. Belgrade's fleshy songs are sure to spur a variety of emotions. Daring themselves a slap in the face with the glove of simplicity, Belgrade keep things subversively straightforward. While embracing more than healthy doses of echo, the air between meaty ideas is apparent and fluid. Belgrade offers layers of cycling guitar, nimble bass lines, snappy dynamic drums...and floating vocals as they teeter from an understated warm twang to a groaning twisted reverb-fest.

Goodnight Lights

Good Night LightsFormed in the summer of 2007, Goodnight Lights is a Collingswood/Philadelphia-based band that is a regular fixture at venues such as Johnny Brenda’s, Kung Fu Necktie, World Cafe Live, and The Fire. Members include: Michael Schraeger (guitar and vocals), Faith Charlton (keyboard and vocals), Ian Charlton (guitar and vocals), Jonah Delso (bass and vocals), and Michael Ziegler (drums). The band’s diverse, yet cohesive sound has drawn comparisons to Pixies, The Arcade Fire, and The Flaming Lips.


ProwlerColossal, spaced-out basement boogie from the land of Philadelphia.

Heyward Howkins

Heyward HowkinsHowkins is also a founding member of The Silver Ages, the critically acclaimed choral group featuring singers from a wide array of Philadelphia-based bands, including David Hartley (Nightlands, The War on Drugs, Buried Beds, BC Camplight), Charlie Hall (Jens Lekman, The War on Drugs, The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society), Gianmarco Cilli (National Eye), Shai Halperin (The Capitol Years, Sweet Lights), Todd Starlin (Like Moving Insects), Brandon Beaver (Buried Beds, Nightlands), Brian Christinzio (BC Camplight), Rick Flom (National Eye, Mitch Fiction), Dave Wayne Daniels (The Capitol Years), Josh Newman (Mitch Fiction), Zach Miller (Dr. Dog) and Dan Matz (Windsor for the Derby, Birdwatcher). Heyward often credits the group’s vocal workouts, hazy afternoon rehearsals, and rich catalog of traditional material as a catalyst for his own unique style of song writing and his distinctive voice.


MonkoThe intergalactically acclaimed band called MONKO is represented by Bill Fergusson, Steve Demarest, Ned Sonstein, Ray Long, and, not surprisingly, Kevin Monko. A few years back, MONKO moved their headquarters from Philly when they learned that Collingswood was the quirky pop rock hub of the cultural universe, and ever since, they've been steadily taking over Earth one death defying stage move at a time. Their recently released cd, Starving at the Feast, considered a masterpiece by at least one band member, is available today, and all proceeds will go toward healthy band snacks.

She Hates Me

She Hates MeShannon McGill - This songstress is an unrepentant harpy who enjoys performing with She Hates Me as it gives her an opportunity to show off a wildly out-of-date and tasteless wardrobe. Blacklisted in 1954 by Joseph McCarthy, McGill fought her way back into show business after meeting fellow Scorpio and bird-watching enthusiast, Kevin Sullivan. At a massive 5 feet, 4 inches, McGill strikes an imposing figure beside the more diminutive Sullivan and is often referred to by critics as, “the Behemoth of Song.” A pillar of her community, McGill uses her status as a pop icon to urge today’s young people to “save themselves for marriage,” and volunteers at her local YWCA teaching a class in gun smithing.

Kevin Sullivan - If you are one of the countless young musicians who make the pilgrimage to Collingswood, New Jersey each year to seek his advice or blessing, then Kevin Sullivan hardly needs an introduction. This ex-member of both the Yardbirds and the Buena Vista Social Club was also a veteran of the stand-up comedy circuit before forming She Hates Me in early 2002. At first, the band was comprised of Sullivan, alone, singing Zombies songs in front of his bedroom mirror. A year later, Sullivan made the acquaintance of Shannon McGill after losing to her in the final rounds of an arm wrestling tournament in a dive bar on the south side of Chicago. Seeing instantly that McGill was the only woman he had ever encountered who was immune to his considerable charms, Sullivan cast her opposite himself in She Hates Me and started the painstaking process of teaching her how to sing. When he isn’t making musical history, Mr. Sullivan can be found hunting snipe in the depths of the Pine Barrens or sitting on a park bench muttering quietly to himself.



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